About Nicole


Nicole was born and raised in England, spending her earlier years growing up with horses and other animals and enjoying many different sports as a child. Since 2000 she has been living in Zurich, Switzerland, where she managed a range of health clubs, teaching, presenting and educating students in a huge range of fitness programs, and yoga. Since 2006, Nicole has been working with Robert Steinbacher and Alexa Le – creators of the bodyART School, http://www.bodyart-training.com/en/, developing new concepts, organizing retreats, presenting at conventions and is currently the bodyART Educator for Luxembourg and England. She speaks French and German.

Her love for nature and being outdoors has fuelled her passion for hiking, cycling, snowboarding, horse riding, kayaking, swimming, camping and any opportunity for adventure. She shares her earthy, grounding and “real” qualities through inspiring personal training, workshops and amazingly creative retreats and fitness holidays in various locations around the globe. Nicole is currently project manager of TopHill Retreats – www.tophill-retreats.com in Ibiza and also offers various Yoga workshops and her own yOgAcTiViTy retreats around the world, including Ibiza, Italy, Iceland, Turkey, India, Sardinia and Switzerland.

yOgAcTiViTy retreats combine yoga on the mat with yoga experiences in nature, animals and always a little adventure, to really offer people the thrill and excitement of discovering themselves spiritually, physically and mentally in the most complete way during this unique Yoga holiday experience. By offering a carefully prepared schedule, which really allows people to experience their physical and mind bodies both on and off the yoga mat and through the food they are eating, these retreats aim to fully connect participants to their surrounding environment and to feel an immediate sense of belonging and well being as they are able to swiftly reconnect to nature and find balance and stability once more.

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    Yoga Classes

    Nicoles passion for movement lead her to study various systems of yoga including Astanga, Iyengar, Vinyasa, Anusara, Elemental Yoga and she has completed a total of over 1500 hours of training (including yoga therapeutics and applying yoga as medicine) alone, over the past decade.

    Her yoga classes are offered to all levels, and particularly to those who never even thought of starting yoga, with daily practice for beginners initially focussed on the bio mechanics of the body to prevent and heal injury and strengthening and stabilizing muscles/joints to increase freedom and flexibility in the body’s range of movement. Yoga stretch classes are introduced to therapeutically release blocked or tight areas in the body and correct various misalignments. As the students practice advances, they are guided into the more subtle realms of awareness and experiences, using the breath, meditation techniques and a deeper connection with the elements of nature..

    “For me, it is important to be able to reach everyone and share my energy and enthusiasm for life with as many people as I can. People want to be happy, they search happiness, and by gently guiding people, leading them by the hand into nature, into movement, into yoga, union with themselves and the new things they learn to love, they can start to find what they are searching for.”

  • Nicole – Training and Experience in detail

    DSC_5638Nicole has carried out a daily yoga practice since the age of 15, but it wasn’t until 2001, when she began teaching Les Mills Body Balance (later presenting this program in quarterly conventions to instructors), then in 2006 when she began working for the BodyART School, teaching and presenting their programs, that she was introduced to Astanga Yoga. Attending daily mysore classes with her first teacher, Michael Hamilton for nearly 2 years, and fully immersing herself into workshops and self practice, she then completed a 200 hour yoga teacher training with Stephen Thomas, Michael Hamilton and Clive Radda. Following this was the completion of the Anusara Immersions and Anusara Teacher Training with her long time teacher and mentor Jeff Fisher, and over 1000 hours of workshops, yoga therapy training and yoga retreats with Ross Rayburn, John Friend, Desiree Raumbaugh, Sienna Shermann, Noah Meze, Chris Chavez and BJ Galvin. Broadening her spectrum of yoga, she also attended several workshops and trainings with Bryan Kest, Rachel Zinmann, Simon Park, Young Ho Kim, Glenn Black, Sophia Araujo, and recently completed a 3 week intense Advanced Elemental Yoga Therapy Training in Bali, with the Swara Yoga school. Her extended gratitude and thanks go to all her teachers, including her first yoga guru, Joey Mascerenhas, who supported and nurtured her into the amazing journey into vipasana meditation at the VRI in Igatpuri, India, and especially to her current life teacher and friend Jai C. Salt.

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